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About the Battlefords
About Battlefords Tourism
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About Us

Battlefords Tourism represents two unique and vibrant communities, and our goal is to ensure every visitor departs with great memories and a desire to return. Battlefords Tourism is a membership based non-profit organization. Our business services include tourism marketing, brochures, accommodation information, convention planning, etc. on the Battlefords and area. Visitors can locate us in downtown North Battleford at Suite 502, 1101-101st Street.


We are an innovative Corporation committed to the improvement of tourism marketing and convention business in the Battlefords and area.


  • Marketing and promotion of tourism for the Battlefords and area
  • Marketing and promotion of conventions and events for the Battlefords and area
  • Tourism industry training in the Battlefords and area
  • Public awareness of the tourism industry to the Battlefords and area
  • Development of policies and research in tourism for the Battlefords and area

Battlefords Tourism has a mandate to foster growth and development in the Battlefords and area. As such, it is responsible for six main functions:

Tourism Industry Training
Battlefords Tourism will strive to coordinate with provincial tourism training agencies to improve customer services. We will also partner with other organizations to encourage workplace programs and integrate graduates into the tourism workplace.

Tourism Policy and Research
Battlefords Tourism will communicate the economic impact and benefits of tourism to the community by collecting, analyzing and distributing visitor profile data to our members. The development and evaluation of year-round visitor profiles will provide necessary data on tourism trends required for tourism research and future marketing initiatives.

Tourism Marketing and Promotion
The Association will consider various marketing avenues to meet specific geographical markets and vertical markets. The development of a summer and winter recreational marketing campaign has enabled Battlefords Tourism to market the Battlefords and area as a 'four-season destination' and Saskatchewan's Year-Round Playground. Continuation of the Visitors' Guide will provide visitors with what is offered in the Battlefords and area while actively encouraging the development and promotion of market-ready tourism products.

Convention and Event Marketing and Promotion
Battlefords Tourism is expanding our services to attract conventions and events to the Battlefords which will further increase the number of annual visitors, particularly during the winter months when convention and event activity decreases.

Tourism Awareness
Battlefords Tourism will work to increase tourism awareness and communicate the benefits of tourism to the community on an ongoing basis through the media and newsletters. Specific initiatives include expanding the present Saskatchewan Tourism Awareness Week campaign and providing familiarization activities to businesses.

Membership Services
Our aim is to expand the present member awareness program promoting the benefits of tourism and the activities of Battlefords Tourism. In addition, we want to increase the number of members eligible for marketing funding thorugh the Saskatchewan West Central Tourism Region.

Battlefords Toursim Board of Directors 2011

Donna Challis, Past Chairperson, Chair
Scott Whiting, 2nd Vice ChairpersonFort Battleford National Historic Site
Laura-Ruby Stade, Secretary/Treasurer, Battlefords Indian Metis Friendship Centre
Ray Fox, Councillor, City of North Battleford
Susan McLean-Tady, Councillor, Town of Battleford
Jackie Starling, The Battlefords Provincial Park
Jane Shury, Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
Mike Halstead, member-at-large

Kerry Sapp,  Gold Eagle Casino
Robin Dyck Allen Sapp Gallery

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